What is HubSpot Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of helping you get set up in your new HubSpot portal. Onboarding includes the process of walking through the basic setup with you, but you’ll be completing most of the tasks on your own.

As a HubSpot agency, we offer objectives-based onboarding, which means we’ll help you determine a few goals to get you started in HubSpot and base the onboarding process around those goals with some pre-determined task lists. Objectives-based onboarding helps us tailor your experience around how you want to use HubSpot and gets you familiar with the features and tools you’ll need to succeed after onboarding is complete.

We’ll be available to answer questions, guide you through your tasks, and help troubleshoot any issues, but most of the work is carried out by you and your team. If you feel you need more hands-on assistance or have complex needs like third-party integrations or custom object development, you should consider an implementation project where we’ll develop a strategy, personalize HubSpot to your business processes, and train your team.

During onboarding, you’ll be working with these members of our team:

  • Vice President of Solutions: Sales and goal support
  • Client Success Manager (CSM): Onboarding specialist and your main point of contact
  • Digital Marketing Specialist: Onboarding support, as needed

Guided HubSpot onboarding is available for Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs, as well as combinations of Hubs.

The onboarding process takes around 12 weeks.

Goal Determination 

As you work with our VP of Solutions on what hubs and tiers of HubSpot your business needs, we’ll help define some startup goals to create a solid foundation in HubSpot. There are several pre-determined projects in HubSpot geared towards onboarding and getting started, and we’ll discuss your goals to determine what three to focus on during your onboarding period.

We recommend sticking to three goal projects, so you have time to explore the aspects of HubSpot you’ll use the most and get a handle on the basics while providing some quick wins. Focusing on one thing may not show enough of HubSpot during your onboarding period and leave you with questions, but trying to tackle more than three upfront can pull you in too many directions.

Remember, all of the projects are part of the standard pre-set project templates within HubSpot. If you want to go back to one after onboarding, you can look them up and load them in!

Kickoff Call

When you’re ready to get started, you’ll meet one more time with our VP of Solutions to introduce you to your Client Success Manager in a kickoff call. During this call, we’ll also:

  • Go over the onboarding process and timelines
  • Discover more about your business to personalize the project templates
  • Review the Goal Project Templates we’ll be using
  • Ensure you’ve received access to HubSpot
  • Set up a recurring weekly touchbase

The kickoff call is important for setting expectations for onboarding. You’ll meet your CSM, and we’ll get the finer details of your business that help us help you. We’ll also review the general setup tasks in HubSpot and ensure there are no hangups before we dive in.

Weekly Touchbases

During onboarding, we’ll meet with you on a weekly basis to go over how the process is going as you work through each goal one at a time. These meetings are important to address any concerns or issues you're having with the project tasks. We can help you:

  • Go over how to use the different areas and tools in HubSpot
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Delegate tasks to others on your team

An important thing to remember about the onboarding process is that we’re here to help guide you, but you’re putting in the work to set up and navigate HubSpot. We recommend staying on top of onboarding tasks and communicating with us if something comes up, like a vacation, emergency, or additional work tasks, that could put onboarding behind. We can help you delegate onboarding tasks to other team members or investigate issues with you if something isn’t going as planned.

Growth Planning

As we near the end of your onboarding process, we’ll schedule some time to have a final growth planning class with you. During the call, we’ll cover:

  • What you accomplished during onboarding
  • How you can build on those accomplishments to keep growing with HubSpot

Growth planning is important so you can look back on what you accomplished as well as where you may have struggled and get a complete picture of your experience. We’ll provide you with our recommendations for where you leverage HubSpot going forward and provide you with resources to keep learning and growing.