HubSpot to Oracle


You can establish contacts, fields, and mail lists, edit contacts, and list various resources using the Oracle Bronto connector.



Your API Key, which can be generated and viewed inside the Bronto web app by going to Settings > Platform Settings > Data Exchange, is required before utilizing the Oracle Bronto connector.

Once you've created a functional API key, add an Oracle Bronto step to your workflow and choose "New Authentication" from the step editor's drop-down menu.

Name your authentication in the window that displays, then enter your API Key:

After selecting "Add authentication," you will be all set and prepared to go.



There is a filter object for List operations that enables resource filtering based on specific fields:

There is a "filter type" that instructs the API to only return resources that meet all criteria (the And type) or just the one provided criterion in the List operations for the fields, mail lists, and segments resources (the Or type).

There are some filter objects with operator fields that let you provide more precise filter criteria:

Other filter objects just contain strings; in these instances, the Equal To operator is used to only return resources that perfectly match the specified criterion:

Since all filter objects are arrays, you can specify numerous filters for the same field, for instance, you can filter based on various email addresses:


All Operations

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