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Sales Content

    What do my customers Want to Know before they meet with a sales representative?

    3 Custom sales content

    In today’s information overload world, 57% of the sales process is complete before a buyer contacts a sales representative. This means the content on your website has to be informative to buyers at each stage of the journey.

    Awareness Stage Content: At this point, buyers recognize something is wrong, but they may not be aware of what the cause of the problem is. Content should be geared toward helping the buyer understand the root cause of their problem.

    Consideration Stage Content: Buyers are firmly aware of their problem and its cause. Now they need to know their options for solving the problem. Content should focus on how your product or service solves their problem and how your solution is different from other solutions.

    Decision Stage Content: Buyers are ready to, well, buy. They know what they want to do about their problem and are looking for the best value in their solution options. Content in this category includes pricing and product details like in-depth specs and warranty information that help buyers fully understand their options and move toward the purchase.

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